one month to go!

One month today my new book The Tearoom on the Bay is published so I thought that today I’d share a few fun facts about it.

  1. I wrote the book in 70 days which was one of the most intense writing experiences of my life! You can find out why I had to do that here.
  2. This is my first Christmas book and I absolutely loved writing this seasonal tale. All of my other books (including my next one and the one I’m writing at the moment) are set during long hot summers so it was definitely a bit of a change of direction for me. I’m not a fan of winter at all so I did wonder how I’d get on but it was much more fun than I expected and I hope to write another Christmas book next year.
  3. This is also the first book I’ve ever written that is told only from one person’s point of view. I’m going to be talking more about points of view next time but I actually found it quite hard to write a story while only seeing the world through one character’s eyes. Hats off to those of you who write from a first person perspective all the time!
  4. The book is set in Sanderson Bay which is completely made up, but it is based on the the town of Filey in East Yorkshire. My husband and I visited Filey on Boxing Day last year and that was when the idea first came to me.
  5. I am obsessed with tea (I’m Earl Grey in the mornings, green tea and rose in the afternoons and lavender and chamomile at night) but it was my friend Katey (who I’ve dedicated the book to) who said she’d love for me to write a book about tea. I honestly didn’t think anyone else would be interested but so far it seems I was wrong about that!

Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed an early copy of The Tearoom on the Bay. You can see some of the reviews here. The ebook is out on 1 October and the paperback is out on 6 January – you can preorder them from all the usual places! 

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