10 fun facts about The Pieces of You and Me

My latest book The Pieces of You and Me publishes on Thursday (in ebook – audiobook is 21 March and paperback is 30th May). It’s a second chance love story, which is my absolute favourite trope, and I cannot wait for it to be out in the world.

If you had told me three years ago that I would publish three novels in 22 months with Harper Collins I’m not sure I would have believed you. But life is funny like that, so to celebrate the strange directions life can take, here are ten fun facts about the book:-

  1. The main characters, Rupert and Jess, came into my head fully formed about two years ago. I was writing my second novel at the time and so couldn’t do much with them except store them away for later. I did this by writing diary extracts about their childhood and teenage years, which ended up forming part of the main story!
  2. The book is set in Cambridge, York, Kew Gardens and Highgate in North London  – all of which have a very special place in my heart.
  3. There is a cameo appearance from one of the characters from The Many Colours of Us. Let me know if you spot who it is!
  4. Like all my books there is an accompanying playlist for The Pieces of You and Me which you can listen to here.
  5. Jess, like me, read Classics at university. She has an unhealthy obsession with fate and believes the gods play games of chess with humans lives. Not that I’ve ever been prone to believe that at all…no…
  6. Also like me, Jess has chronic illness. I’d been wanting to write a heroine with chronic illness for a while but it was my lovely writer friend Rachael Lucas who finally gave me the courage to do it. I hope that Jess can throw a little bit of light on what it’s like to live with an unpredictable illness that has no cure, whilst never giving up hope.
  7. The book opens on a hen night complete with phallic shaped straws, L Plates and a plastic veil. It’s the hen night I secretly wanted but never had the guts to ask for!! (You can read the opening paragraphs here).
  8. There is an unfortunate eyebrow incident which may have been based on a real life event.
  9. Rupert has a Hungarian Vizsla called Captain who is named after Captain Wentworth from Jane Austen’s ‘Persuasion’. Captain is based on my brother’s dog Fleur whose instagram account you can follow here.
  10. The house that Jess grows up in is loosely based on the house that I grew up in, including the apple orchard. Sadly I did not have a handsome boy living next door – just a cross old lady who never gave us our ball back!

The Pieces of You & Me publishes on 21 February 2019 and you can preorder for jut £1.99 here:

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