book news and cover reveal!

If you follow me on social media you’ll already know this, but I’m very excited to finally be able to share that I’ve signed a two book deal with Aria Fiction and my first book of the deal (my fourth book) is out on 1st October (and you can pre-order it here). What do you think of the cover? I absolutely love it – look at that little gingerbread man!

I wrote about how I ended up signing this deal after quite a low point in my writing here, so it’s doubly exciting for me to announce this….it’s so good to have a book out again!

So what’s it about?

The Tearoom on the Bay is my first Christmas book (there’s a scene about buying Christmas trees that I love so much). Here’s the blurb

It’s time for Ellie to return home and rediscover the past she left behind…After a tough break-up, Ellie returns to the only place she’s ever really felt at home – the coastal town of Sanderson Bay. A year later, she’s living her dream, brewing delicious artisan teas and selling them at her very own café. And when the mysterious and brooding Ben walks into her tearoom, Ellie finally dares to dream of true love.

But then her ex shows up in the Bay, and just as Ellie discovers some tragic truths about her family’s past, she learns Ben might be hiding an unwelcome secret of his own…

Can Ellie let go of her past and brave a future with Ben?

The second book I’ve written for Aria (my fifth book!) will be out in early 2021.

It’s about a folk festival on the Isle of Wight and a musician who appears to be back from the dead. Both books are completely stand-alone – they aren’t part of a series and you don’t have to have read my previous books to enjoy them (although I am a fan of the “Easter Egg” and I love to slip little references to previous books into the pages so if you have read my other books look out for them!)

So now I enter that weird in-between time as I wait for publication day and find out if people love Ben and Ellie as much as I do!

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