what is creative writing mentoring anyway?

When I was writing my first book I did it alone at my dining room table – I had no agent or editor to help me when I got stuck, or to confirm whether I was on track. I had no real timeline as to when I was going to finish it (it took three years in the end!) or any idea what I was going to do with it when it was finished. If it ever got finished. I didn’t really know anyone else who was writing a book then either (I know lots now thanks to Twitter!) and I truly wish I had had someone to talk to – preferably someone a little bit ahead of me on the writing ladder who could gently guide (or less gently push) me in the right direction.

And so I started to wonder if I could be that someone for other writers?

I certainly don’t know everything and I definitely can’t guarantee you an agent or a book deal. I can’t tell you what to write about or what genre is best for you. But I can push you through writer’s block (more on that next week!), help you navigate that difficult middle and cheer you on when times are tough.

Creative writing mentoring with me is about getting the book finished and ready for submission in whatever way works best for you. It’s about finding creativity in your every day, about getting the story told and about fitting it around your life, your health, your career and you family. We can work on getting that book idea that’s been nagging you forever down on paper or, if you are on the other end of the spectrum, we can work on preparing it for submission to publishers and agents.

And I am particularly interested in helping writers with chronic illness finish their books, because I know from experience that this often feels like an insurmountable goal.

Do you have a story that is waiting to be told?

Maybe now is the time to tell it? If you write contemporary women’s fiction or romance take a look at my mentoring page for all the details and prices etc. It doesn’t matter where you live as all our sessions will be done by Skype/phone.

The world needs stories, people need stories. Don’t let yours be forgotten!


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