Where am I now?

The last time I wrote about my writing processĀ I’d just completed the structural edits for Book 3. The book is now with my copy editor and I should have more news on that soon.

But what have I been doing since then?

As you know this summer, for various reasons, I left my part-time day job. This has freed up a lot more time to write. But more than that, it’s freed up space in my brain to allow the writing and the ideas to happen. More time to read and watch movies and stare out of the window.

Quite unexpectedly, a couple of weeks ago I completed the first draft of Book 4.

It never ceases to amaze me how productive and organised I can be when I let go of outside stresses and of other people’s opinions. By spending so much of the last few months on my own, I’ve really been able to dig deep into what I want to do and what I want to write. I spent a portion of last year feeling I was forcing myself into a place in which I didn’t fit. It was something both I and some people around me thought I should be doing. But I hate the word should, only unhappiness that way lies. So instead I decided to listen to my gut and write what I wanted to write and not what I thought I should (or, worse, what other people thought I should).

I’ve had to make quite a few changes to make that happen and not all of them have been fun, but I feel I’m on the right writing path once again.

I can’t tell you very much about this fourth book just yet because it’s a bit different, a bit of a secret project that will be written under a psuedonym, but when I can share that I will.

And so, on to Book 5

I started writing my fifth book last week. This will (hopefully) be the fourth “Rachel Burton” book. After my third book I’m out of contract, which means I don’t have a publisher for any subsequent books (yet) so I’m just putting my head down and getting on with the next book and hoping that everything works out. I’m hoping to hit 10,000 words on the first draft this week so that I can put that to one side and get the edits done on Book 4!

And that’s how it is at this early stage of my writing career. Each new book is a new iron in the fire, a chance to reach a wider audience and a chance to reach new readers (who will hopefully like the book enough to buy some of my earlier books!).

It’s a rollercoaster this writing lark and full of all kinds of highs and lows and uncertainties. Thanks for sharing the ride!

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